Give or take a couple hundred but it seems like we have experienced a 1000 new things in our family lately... a big month so far...there are still plenty of days left. Cambria...a new getaway destination for John & I...the Harvest Fair (including funnel cakes!) & Blue Angels of last weekend. Shoe-tying has been conquered (a big thanks to Uncle Rob), monkey bars swinging has been achieved (Go Daddy!)...the kids went on a lame fair pony ride last weekend (which was such a thrill) and then this weekend went on a real horse...trail ride...wahoo! How can we top this for next week! We spent the past 4 days up in the Sierra Mountains...so vibrant with color, millions of acorns and little waterfalls hither and yon. We were invited to join some friends at their family cabin (60 + years in the family)...I enjoy cabin life....log fires all day, lazing around reading & dozing while the kids entertained themselves...bonfires at night with the sole purpose of eating s'mores. The kids were beside themselves collecting sticks, leaves, acorns and pine cones. Delia exclaimed to Jude "We can run in the street with no parents!"...the thrill of a new adventure. Hiking, eating, loafing, roaming, chatting and relaxing. Aaahhh, this is the life. We took 100's photographs but are still paring them down to the "cream of the crop". Photos will appear tomorrow...I promise.


  1. sounds just like what i am doing with my kids! how fun! I am glad that you liked your print! enjoy this great weather!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend - I love the fresh crisp air that the mountains provide - seems to clear the brain.


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