the tote love continues

The tote bag love never ceases around here...I am the happy recipient. My good pal Alex gave me this flower appliqued tote from her stash of homemade goodies, I also received a little mirror for my purse. Thank you Alex!

Today, Denise gave me this lovely chenille (re-purposed bedspread) tote. Never fear Molly, you are getting one too! (Molly's bed coverlet from her youth!). So sweet and fun. Thanks Denise for your generosity.

A closer look at the fabric...paisley and polka dots who can resist! Oh the tote love! John said it looks like something I could find at thrift store. Exactly darling...just the look we are going for!

Judah's photo of his toy space monkey in outer space. A photgrapher at heart.


  1. So this must be #96....I am counting....can't wait to see what 100 brings! I never though of counting and making a prize, I just might steal that idea....so smart and fun!
    And sooooo loving the totes...love, love ,love them!

  2. Okay, if you were addicted to shoes, I would call you Amelda Marcus, but it's tote bags, so I don't know?! Is there a name for someone who has a tote bag for everyday of the week? Yeah, I love draws. Love, Steph

  3. Hey, Mandy here! I just had to write and say that you have some great totes! So fun! I've been peeking at your blog since we have been home and have been inspired to start one of my own. So .... thanks!

  4. How many totes is too many? I too have a lot but they are all teacher freebies made out of blah fabric and logos stamped on them.

  5. sadly, email doesn't allow you to hear the voice, and as i read my comment, it sounds rude, but it wasn't meant to me. i was giggling. sorry if anyone was offended.

  6. Dear anonymous Steph,
    I giggled too! I am the Amelda Marcus of totes...in her early years!

  7. I love it, and cannot wait for a polka dot/paisley tote of my very own! Thank you in advance, Denise! I totally get you on the "tote love"...I have a bad case of it myself!


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