sunnyside up

I'll take my morning sunnyside up...a homemade coffee sleeve made by Denise...a surprise added to my Wednesday morning latte (today I went with pumpkin spice! I love the flavours of autumn). How crafty is Denise. A sewing speed demon. Oh, I aspire to be such a purposeful seamstress. Ed is also very handy...with things like replacing toilet seats, painting doors and delivering mulch. ( are you happy now, Leon?)

This (inspite of the shabby photo job) lovely bluebird stamp was a gift to me from Roni...she is aware of my love of birds and saw this little treasure, thought of me and shared the love...another sunnyside up moment. Roni also shared this amazing book with me. I love when treasures like stamps, books and coffee sleeves make a difference in one's day. Can you tell I am looking for the joy...I forgot to look for it in yesterday's rant. Obsessing is my favorite hobby but I do really need to surrender to the One who holds my moments and days. My God.

Fabric love, bird love and packages in the mail love= self love. A wee little pity purchase. Who could resist the birds? Check out Sew Mama Sew! A great fabric site, clever tutorials and as I discovered today great packaging and marketing. I need to sit down and whip up a skirt, dress, pillow cover or tote...perhaps next week we are in birthday mode around here.
Just before lunch today I heard Judah in his room shuffling things around. Piles here & there on his bed and floor...boxes and treasure chests opened. " What's up buddy?" And the child after my own heart replied "I am organizing my treasure boxes."


  1. Is the Pumpkin Spice good? I wanted to try it the other day but was waiting for a recommendation! Carpe Diem, my friend used to say :-) I'm sure my spelling is off though. I can spell in English & Spanish, but not other languages so well! Can you come back to Canada and teach me to be crafty? love, Steph

  2. Your post is a bright sunny spot in my sluggish morning. Thank you for the beautiful post!!!

  3. Hey, after seeing all the bird love on your blog I just had to let you know about these adorable hair pins I saw. Go to etsy.com and type in "in flight hair pins " in the search bar. I thought they were cute. So..enjoy! Have a good day! Mandy


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