party party party

Hip Hip Hooray...party time on the farm! Cupcakes and tea sandwiches galore. Teas and scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd. Delish!

It's not everyday a girl turns 4! Who doesn't love parties!

Okay now for the news you have all been waiting for...
the details of the 100 post drawing.
If you want to enter the drawing you must leave a comment on the post briefly describing the "joy" of your day for that day. If you comment anonymously then please leave a name of sorts in the comment. I will be accepting comments for the drawing for the next 2 posts. (3 posts total). There will then be a random drawing(via my kiddos and a cowboy hat) and the winner will be announced the following blog post and be sent a "brown paper package tied up with string"...a surprise parcel in the post (mail). What joy...mail that is not a bill.


  1. Far too tempting to pass up!
    But first I must send a happy little 4 year old birthday wish...I am sure it was delightful, and delicious!!!
    Now for the joy in my day...I have to think a moment on this, not that I don't have any, but to just choose one moment...there were so many (due to your posts I have been searching for them in every task)
    I will go with my treasured 'memory-bank-moment' of joy with my children. After naps I had both in my arms and they were hugging me and hugging each other. Kaitlyn kept saying "hi, E" and he would giggle and pat her head then burry his head in my neck. Moments like these make my heart sing and tears weld up. Being a mom is such an amazing gift and sharing in every little moment with then is even better. I am so blessed!

  2. JOY in my day...was seeing my kids once again with smiles on their faces, waving excitedly goodbye as they headed into their school, turning around as they went in, yelling "See ya later, mama". This time last year they were still crying themselves to sleep, wishing to be back home in Africa. Although we still miss our life there, God has infused JOY back into our lives. Happy Birthday to Cordelia. How are you gonna live up to Birthday #5?

  3. My joy for today was being able to work at our hardware store (with Nicole) so that my husband could have some bonding time with my dad. They both had an awesome time and it's not often that Edward takes time off from work!

  4. The joy in my day (and I suppose every day, lately) is knowing that I am gonna be a momma to my sweet little girl in less than 3 weeks! I think it's the biggest joy I've had in my life!

  5. Little girls and tea parties. How perfect. Congratulations on post 100. I think that Cordelia and Bailey need to have tea together sometime. So the joy of my day was seeing the yellow leaves of fall against belue sky. Blue sky. Yeah it isn't raining. I don't think the leaves are going to last to much longer though so I went tromping by the river and tried to take pictures.

  6. I was thinking about commenting earlier, but hadn't had a chance yet. Today however, I had a very large portion of joy handed to me! It was a beautiful day - warm with the fall colors all around. Add to that, we sold our house within an hour of showing it to a couple this afternoon. Add to that having supper and spending the evening with my bro/sis-in-law, my nephew(who I cuddled most of the evening!) and our friends with their son - Roast beef dinner topped off with apple crisp! Yes, thank the Lord, I have had a lot of joy today!

  7. I think my most joyful moments lately have been listening to my husband help our little man learn to read. It is amazing how quickly he is learning English. Also, my husband always struggled with reading and reading comprehension, and seeing him so eager to help a little boy learn is an incredible thing to see. I think it's a big deal for both of them.


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