Oh the craftiness of it all

This is the sweet little zippered pouch to accompany the skirt for tomorrow's birthday party (Hip Hip Hooray Logan will be 6!) I did the best I could but I have never sewn in a zipper before...probably not the best move for a gift but I figure that 6 year old will give me grace. I hope. Suddenly I panicked...what if the grandmothers are accomplished seamstresses and they laugh at my pitiful zipper job or my crooked hem. Ack!

Cordelia started her day with a quick depiction of the traumatic events of last night... from right to left...Cordelia(with a pony tail) at the toilet...coughing into the toilet...a snapshot of her bed (according to her...note the pillows and vomit mess) and on the left...Mommy sitting on the edge of the bathtub waiting for the event to be over so she can start comforting her daughter (it is hard to sign to your deaf child in the middle of the night while she is vomiting!), changing bedding and scrubbing the bathroom. Poor little darling had an upset tummy and the last thing she ate hours earlier was strawberries. Certainly traumatized...the first time this has ever happen to her other than carsickness. Yick!

Later during craft/birthday-card-making hour she was a whole new (non sick) child drawing balloon after balloon after balloon...happiness, joy and delight. Ahhh to think like a child. Speaking of children, Judah had queries on Thursday about how babies are born and how babies start nursing. Kids! Their minds are beautiful things.

Beautiful minds of husbands...aaah. While I was working today (a part time gig at Ed's hardware store) Daddy-O hit the jack pot of kid craftiness when he suggested to the game-loving kids that they create their own "memory" game. "Memory" is big time favorite and gets played numerous times a week. Games are part of the daily routine! Today's activity was a family participation craft, brought to you in part by mat board suppliers and crayola. Everyone helped draw/color matching pairs. Of course we played the game too. Bravo, honey. Might I also mention he, the great husbund of mine, did many little tasks around the house but the greatest task of them all, after a mere 2 months of nagging, matted my "bird" block print copies so I can hang them in the kitchen. I know I should learn to mat but why bother when I have a husband...besides too much math and too little time!


  1. Thanks! Love the memory cards, and littel purse. I think it is super cute!

  2. Wow making a game to play. This takes me back. My cousin and I used to come up with games all the time, but we never did color our own memroy game. When can I come play?


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