What would a-day-in-the-life-of-me be like if I didn't obsess about something. The current obsession is school. Have we made the choice to put Judah in public school? Should I have home schooled? Should he stay in the school he is in? Why is he the only kid in his class reading? Does he feel isolated? Should we meet with the teacher? What are our options? Should we move? The school in question is a decent public school here in a not-so-decent school district, the location is about 1/2 mile from our house, great kindergarten teacher and Jude loves school.
Okay, moving on to the next obsession...Delsie's school situation. This is her first year in a mainstream preschool setting...last year we were spoiled by an amazing oral deaf school and so now I worry...is this the right preschool for her? Are there appropriate language models? Is she getting enough attention? Is she hearing OK? Is the district providing the best for her? Will she conquer her "s" blends? Will she be ready for kindergarten next year? Where can I provide natural language models?
So you get the picture...did I mention that I have been obsessing about going back to school myself, I took "a break" in April from Fabric Design. Clearly life with the kids is still a wee bit messy...seemingly too messy for me to add in my schooling. I can barely keep my house clean, sew the amassed yardage of fabric or cook for my family. I can, however, fit into my schedule the viewing of "The Biggest Loser", consuming of chocolate and the mad purging of my closet.


  1. leon the tare cutterSeptember 19, 2007 at 4:38 AM

    Relax. Your children will be fine! The school doesn't matter. You and John are their real teachers. Something in the Bible about flowers blooming in the cracks among the tares. They will blossom wherever they are. No stress!

  2. Go to the cross, my friend, and ask Him where He wants you....where can you best serve? Where can Judah be a blessing? Remember to focus on the end....the Kingdom. It's so easy to get bogged down and become "obsessive", as you put it. Good things to think about...our kids and their future, but God says to leave our cares with Him. Rest in peace, Niki B, and do not be anxious. You are not alone in your thoughts!!!!! I hear you, sister. Thanks for helping me think about things....Steph


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