o girly girl

Check out my little splurge! How could I resist and they were a steal of a deal! Red with pink rick rack and stitching...I've never...I don't think...owned shoes so girly girl before. Perfect for a tea party.

Speaking of tea parties...I finally got the invites done for Delsie's party...which will be a fairy tea party! In my spare time, I sketched a teacup and eventually carved it for lino-cut. Stamped the lino onto card stock and after much ado with color (sepia is the key!) and voila... a tea celebration! Pink of course. Are there any other colors when you are 4? Purple perhaps!


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  2. the shoes are adorable. Where do you find the time... time to create a pattern, carve it out, and then stamp it and mail out invites... no quick evite? Well, done. Most impressive.


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