in the garden

Look what we found in the garden today!
Our very own...for today as long as the bugs are plentiful. I always keep my eyes open for a Praying Mantis and here we are 3.5 years into gardening.
Yeah...I hope he stays for awhile!
Aren't these bobby pins lovely...a gift from Molly. They are simple and sweet and show off my grey so wonderfully. Alas grey is part of my life now and as much as I try to dye it out it still rears it's scraggly, coarse grey head. I have come to the conclusion I must embrace my semi wild curls, coarse hair and unruly greys...also embrace my 30's and let the grey win. I think I need to go get my hair done at some fancy schmancy place (Jess I wish you lived closer!!) and get highlights & low lights to let the bad home dye job fade into the natural brown grey blend. I must put all vanity aside. I must own up to who I am and how I was created and live like a Dove ad instead of an Emmy Red Carpet moment (not that I am ever so glamorous on both accounts!).
Thank you everyone for your "joy" comments. I can not wait for more yummy comments...this post and the next are your last chances to enter the "brown paper package tied up with string" drawing. For those of you that didn't quite get the package part...there is a famous song via this musical that talks about " a few of my favorite things"...the drawing will be a package (wrapped in brown paper) of my favorite things. To make a comment please click on "comments" at the bottom of the post and follow the directions...write a note...sign your name, anon or real and then click "publish comment".


  1. See, I was confused. I thought you were going to send a drawing of a brown paper package tied up with string and that didn't really excite me. But you are drawing for a brown paper package tied up with string. That little word "for" makes all the difference.
    As promised during our phone call, here is my joy of the day - smoked salmon eggs benedict from Diner Deluxe. Mmmmm!

  2. Very cool praying mantis; a lucky gardener are you!

    And I'd love to be entered in the drawing...wish me luck!


  3. The joy of the day is that Zach slept from just after midnight until after I left for work just before 8. He's growing!! The joy of last night is that we got him a mobile for above his crib. We are trying to do a bedtime routine and put him down around 10 pm. Christine heard him and went up to see if he was upset and found him laying in his crib in the dark staring up at his mobile and giggling. The joy part is that there were no batteries in it - it's going to blow his little mind when it starts moving!

  4. oh, joy....there were many moments today! i found joy in my morning soy latte, joy in a surprise phone call from a college friend who will be in town next week, and joy in the invigorating walk with the one and only mama i. but my greatest moment of joy today was during an appointment at work...a deaf child who is in a regular preschool in crescent city, ca (where?!) with having never had support services from a speech therapist or teacher of the deaf, came to get her second CI activated. don't get me wrong, she is no delsie, but a success nonetheless! nicole, thank you for inspiring me to find the joy in each day... (and thats not a kiss up so my name will be drawn either!) mm

  5. Okay Nicole, I want the prize so I am going to stop blog-stalking and post..... Joy this week was two days in the mountains with 80ish young adults (and a few old ones!),great speaker, great worship and waking up to new snow falling Sunday morning! And then getting to hold both beautiful grandsons for a few moments, and seeing the sparkle in Alexa's eyes today! wow

  6. nicole...

    I am selling prints, starting october. I am just getting my ETSY shop up and running, and so check in soon! I am glad you like my work, and thanks for the compliment!

  7. My joy today was watching Ben eat an entire green pepper and handful of cherry tomatoes straight from the garden boxes. I love that even here amongst the concrete he has learned to identify ripe produce. I live close- would save you some shipping on that brown paper package. : )

  8. Joy joy joy - coming in from the crisp outdoors for a bowl of potato/bacon/corn chowder and baking powder biscuits made from scratch with just the hint of a mental recipe, in loving recognition of the legacy of Nancy B. We won't even mind the running nose and tingling toes with good comfort food in front of us!

    Am I cheating? That isn't a joy that I experienced today, but one I try to recreate as often as possible!

  9. a happy big 4th birthday to delsie from us 3.

    thank you for your ever-so-inspiring words nicole and the encouragement to always look for the joy in all things. my joy recently has been in seeing the generosity and servant-heart of my two year old as she ensures everyone has "a bit of everything" at the supper table before she eats and she can't wait for supper to be over so she can take all of the dishes back to the kitchen. she brings me new joy each and every day!

  10. That praying Mantis is pretty crazy looking. How big was it?


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