I heart tomatoes

Heart tomatoes...God's gift to us, a reminder of love. Compliments to my sister-in-law Jackie, who grew this beauty in her backyard. Not just a pretty fruit but delicious too. Perfect for the window sill today and for a BLT tomorrow. I love all things heart...actually not all things but cool things! In fact I have a small heart shaped rock collection...I gave most of my heart shaped rock collection away as favors at our wedding. Speaking of which, we are just a couple of weeks away from 7 years of matrimonial bliss!
Let me take a moment to clarify my tote love (thank you for your comments...I heart comments)...I do love totes...they are my purses and my schlepping devices. I use canvas totes for all my shopping from groceries to Target, library books, storing junk in the trunk of my car (the trunk is a great place to store totes for such errands). I heart my totes and have about a zillion uses for them.
For those of you that are counting I have made an error in counting...not me but blogger...I had to delete some drafts (never published posts) so the official count is 95...only five more posts until I announce "brown paper package tied up with string" giveaway. Be patient and stay tuned.

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  1. I love fruit and vegetables shaped like other objects- once I found a potato shaped like Elvis...

  2. Nicole,

    I found a heart shaped rock years ago, and kept it, as it does remind me of you and your heart rock collection that I admired for so many years! It sits by my computer Yeah for you. You bring joy to my world.


  3. O.K. I'll bite. What is the 95? I counted up your posts since the original and I came up with 99. Is my math bad and/or did I miss a post that talked about what you are counting?

    LOVE!!! Jackie's tomato!

  4. and I want in on the draw!! I love brown paper packages tied up with string...
    When are we ever going to get to see you again?


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