game boy

Technically Game boy (and girl)...or even further...game family. Kinda like Playstation. Kinda like Wii. (which I want!) Family Games...except this is not electronic. In our family we try to be "green" and play the old school games like Chinese Checkers, Marbles and such. Of course this after the daily quota of Playstation "Cars" has taken place! Wow, I am cheeky today. A few weeks ago we rocked out the old Chinese checker board....I think this tin board belonged to my dad when he was young. I can not confirm with him as he is gallivanting down the west coast via Cruise Ship. The kids, especially game boy loved checkers. He is interested in marbles right now too so combining two favorites is always a hit. Someday he will be ready for chess and heaven knows I will not be the teacher but the supplier of a lovely Greek made chess set with backgammon in the case. Games galore. Speaking if games, Jude is working on 6x6 Sudoku puzzles, they are a bit challenging for him but a good way to stretch his wee brain. We are discovering that the biggest challenge for him in kindergarten seems to be the socialization as he accomplished many of the "state standards". Whatever that means since everyone is different and everyone is good at something. Preschool last year was mostly a kindergarten setting and clearly he picked too much of it up. We are proud of him but we worry about being challenged.
Okay this is post 95, I think. I will have a drawing for a "brown paper package tied up with string" giveaway for blog post 100. Watch for more details.
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