dog weekend

This is Tasha, the biggest, sweetest Pug I have ever met...she belongs to my friend Erika and her family and they needed a dog sitter this weekend so I willingly took on the task. Tasha is about 10 years old and farts like you wouldn't believe...hello candles! Super mellow and laid back but takes more care than our other pets. Dog sitting this weekend was a great experience for me, considering I almost added a boxer puppy to our menagerie this summer. I came to my senses and realized that at this juncture in our lives a puppy is NOT what we need. Tasha helped confirm for me that we are not ready for a dog...puppy or grown...trained or not. Though I enjoyed having a dog for a few days I realized that the everyday commitment of a dog fitting in to our already hectic life would be overwhelming. See I do learn things! Slowly and eventually.

Delsie and I had "girl time" yesterday in the form of a fabric store (and book store)...so much fun. We choose fabrics for a couple of birthday present projects I hope to accomplish this week! I quickly washed and fabrics so they are ready to be sewn...today is my hope but it is "Labor Day" and the garden needs some attention...a family project...weeding, pruning and picking flowers. Tough call...to garden or to sew. Perhaps both. The cosmos are calling...perhaps garden first and sew later. When shall I exercise...I am 8 weeks aways from my big 1/2 marathon race.

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  1. Haha! I remember a similar dog-sitting experience that had the same effect on me...not ready, not yet! Perhaps in a few months when we have a little more room to roam!


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