$60 purse

This is my new $60 purse...that I made with my 2 capable hands...I say $60 because the class cost $40 and the materials were about $20. The class was amazing and the design is super.

Even a pocket and magnetic snap closures.
Okay, okay the posts are lame this week but I am off in mere minutes to celebrate our 7th Anniversary...sans kids! Wahoo! San Luis Obispo here we come!


  1. None of your posts are lame. That is such a cute purse. It is not really a $60 purse, because think of all purse making knowledge you have now! You could make purses to sell on Etsy and I bet they would sell fast!

  2. Wow, I love it. Is there a way to make it a backpack purse? No really, I think it's awesome, fun and cute. I can't believe how far your talents have come with sewing. Skirts that twirl, a jumper for Dels and now a purse... what's next?

  3. Happy anniversary! Hope you have a fabulous time celebrating.

    Love the purse...also love the bureau on which it is hanging!


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