make sundaes

You know the old saying "when life gives you lemons make lemonade." Thursday through Saturday were lemony kinda days for me...a whole barrage of injured cats (poor Jose), car problems (oil pan replacement), wild children, general misery and grumpiness (thus the reason I did not blog...I cannot muster the joy factor). Along came Sunday and my foul mood lifted, spirit perked up...church does that. Later in the day after a special Sunday School treat for the kids we invited some friends over for "lemonade" (AKA sundaes).

Take some fresh berries or perhaps a banana or 2...

Slop on some warm caramel sauce or chocolate sauce, add whipped cream and sprinkles...

The makings of Sundaes on a Sunday with friends in our home. Delightful.
All it takes is a bit of ice cream to wash your worries away...that and prayer.
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  1. Oy! The photo of the caramel sauce makes my mouth water!! To bad there's no such thing as an Ice Cream Sunday Shop near my office!

  2. Oh yum. My mouth is really watering. I want a sundae but #1) we have no icecream, #2) I am on a diet!


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