ima sew'n machine

I have been a lazy bum most of the past month while on vacation but I had intended not to be so idle... so I cut out the pattern for 3 skirts to sew at my Mom's house on her ancient sewing machine! I finished the final 2 skirts on Friday. One for Wendy (above) and one for my mom (below). I also half finished Sara's skirt, last week when she was visiting, but did not take a photograph. Part way through making a button hole for the drawstring I busted the sewing machine needle. Nonetheless I sent Sara home with a to-do project of her own! She is so crafty and has a sewing machine so I think she can handle it...perhaps she will forward me a photo when she completes the task...next year perhaps??
I tried in my infinite sewing wisdom to make a fancy bias piping hew for my mom's skirt...it looks nifty but did create a heavy stiff hem. Hey I am just an amateur! I am anxious to get home and make another dress for Dels and a tote bag or two. Ima sew'n machine!


  1. You are right...it will be next year at the rate I am completing projects. However, the skirt is sitting beside the sewing machine if that makes you feel better. And, Nicole dear, it is alright to be a lazy bum once in a while...you should really embrace the art of lazing-around - it is a good thing (especially when you are at your mother's).

  2. the skirts look beautiful nicole. i made a simple one for curt's sister who was in town visiting and she loved the fit. great pattern - thanks for sharing. one day i'll make one for me.

  3. Love the skirts! You are so talented! I admire ANYONE who finishes a sewing project!

  4. Nicole, another hit yet again. The patterns really do look great as skirts. Way to try the bias hem, looks good. Maybe I can convince you to have a sewning day... and we can cut patterns and sew the day away (or at least for a few hours.)


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