home sweet home

The garden is out of control and the luggage needs to be unpacked but man o man is it great to be home. We had a wonderful holiday and I think the kids might be in grandparent withdrawal! Not to worry they will see more grandparents on Sunday. There is something about being home. I am grateful for my home and for those I get to share it with.
Today should have been a day of unpacking, picking up groceries, picking up chickens and taming the garden but no....no...no. Not me, the fridge was empty therefore I needed a few things at the market. I needed food therefore I needed to clean the fridge. If I clean the fridge then logically I should dust and if I am dusting I really should shuffle the furniture around...perhaps move the bookcase from the kitchen to the living room and of course switch Delia's dresser for the smaller one in the kitchen. Does it end there?...no it does not because then the living room was squishy so I decided to continue the madness. Why not fold up the lousy art table and move a table into our room and rename my "art space" the "sewing room". I am very good at creating "rooms" out of non-rooms...like our "laundry room" and "office". I digress...since there is a new table in our bedroom and because the cat, Jose, likes to pounce on my head from the window in the middle of the night I decided to rearrange all the furniture in our bedroom. As you can imagine I can not just rearrange, I must dust/dustmop, sort, and reorganize perfectly adequately organized shelves, folders and drawers. I think I might be a wee bit mad...not angry but British mad.

I must carry on as there are books waiting to be re-shelved and clothes awaiting their drawers and alas I need to clear my bed so that I do not have to sleep on the chesterfield.


  1. Oh I know what you mean. Sometimes there's nothing like walking into the fimilar place of Home. The smells, the fimilar couch to plop for a few quick moments and say "Ah, we're home." Sometimes you just need a few hours away and other times a few days to realize how nice it is to be able to call a set of four walls home. Welcome home, my friend.

  2. The mental movie that was playing in my head (starring you) while I read your post was quite hilarious. I laughed inside! How is it that the itch to rearrange always comes at the least sensible time? And it's always a much bigger job than intended!

  3. If I wasn't married to Thad, your post would perfectly explain me. I used to be just like that. (And still would be, but...) Thad likes furniture in the same place we decided to put it in when we moved into the house. I guess because it's the most logical place for that certain piece of furniture, so why move it? I think that moving furniture around and shuffling things a lot keeps things exciting and new.

  4. LOL! You describe me to a T. At least my husband finds much humour in my inability to do one... and only one job and call it quits. It does just make so much sense to keep going - especially if you have the energy to do anything! Although, Sir does have a point when he reminds me that I was originally 'watering the house plants' and end up re-organizing the outside storage shed!


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