high priced tea

A couple days ago we joined our friends Jason & Mel for tea at "The Empress"...sadly it was not all I hoped it to be. I am grateful for the experience but the wow factor was missing. The hotel is lovely and old and the tea old school and classic but for me the highlight was being in the company of friends.

The tea was delightfully warm and sweet...I went with one lump of sugar and a bit of cream. The table was set elegantly and the 1/8 of sandwiches were tasty. The scones with devonshire cream were delicious but the whole experience was not worth the cost.
Two double dates 2 days in a row...yesterday we went whale watching with Jason & Mel. Whale watching was amazing we saw eagles, orcas and a humpback...photos to follow tomorrow or perhaps later today. Today is a family day with the kids...probably rounds of "memory" a stroll to the beach and an endless amount of "Mom, look at this" and "Hey, Dad..."


  1. My computer was down. I must have missed the invite for Tea. Any tea is good tea.

  2. Wow, ad some catching up to do. What a great vacation, fun finds-thrift store fun, love, love, love your photography!!!!

  3. I continue to be amazed at your fantastic photography skills! Honestly, even though your writing is good, your photos take center stage every time. Consider selling them. Really.


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