first day of school

My fellas, ready to go for their first day of the 2007/08 school year. One a veteran the other a rookie. The school uniform colors are khaki or navy bottoms and white or navy collared shirts. All the the freshly scrubbed kids looked dashing in their uniforms, standing in a line waiting for the classroom doors to open.

Judah is so grown up, ready for school, ready for his future whatever it may hold. I have many hopes and dreams for him but I know that God holds his future in the palm of His hand so I need not worry. I find it hard to release my boy because only moments ago he was my baby, my firstborn cooing and giggling on the floor...where did those years go.
I was a very brave first time kindergarten mom...no tears. I hardly had time because today of all days, the kids decided to sleep late...until 7:30. Approximately the time John wanted to be at school (he is a 8th grade science teacher at a local school). The scurry began as the excitement and nervousness of the first day crept up on us. There was breakfast to eat, teeth to brush, photos to take and good wishes to be said. Finally John cycled off to school and Jude and I left Delsie with friends so I could take him to school...a mom & son thing! I wasn't sure what to expect...would he be nervous and shy or confident and bold like sports camp...I tell you though I did not factor in the parking fiasco at the school because, of course, today was everyone's first day not just my child. Needless to say we made by the hair on our chinny chin chin and Judah shuffled into the last slot in line and we missed all the instructions except no parents in the classroom today and a firm "we will see you after school.". Jude was full of courage and at the end of the morning was exhausted but loved every minute of kindergarten. Recess was his favorite (of course!). Over lunch, Judah quizzed me on how often he might be going to school and when I replied "Everyday Monday to Friday just like Daddy." He responded with a quick "Okay but only for 12 weeks!". That's what you think Buster!


  1. Yay Judah! And Yay Mom! Everyone survived and there are photos to prove they looked smashing while doing so!

  2. I remember that first day of kindergarten. I was so excited I got onto the school bus and never looked back, much to mom's dismay! I remember being a little scared, but my excitement overruled. It helped that I knew that soon I would be joined by three other girls that I went to play school with.

  3. hee, hee, 12 weeks, sorry bud it's 12 years....after kindergarten!

  4. Hmmm... where did 12 weeks come from? Does he think all school's on the quarter system? What a greaqt concept.

    love the photos!


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