dwindling holiday

With purpose the kiddos walk down the path eager to get back to the car...an after lunch adventure to spot a llama, see a water lily and pick wildflowers. If there is a trail in the woods and if there is water the adventure often includes sightings of Tinkerbell & Captain Hook! Summer camp with the Neverland theme was a big hit and has continued to spark their imagination. Photo taken by my multi talented husband. He rocks!

Papoo (my dad) treated the kids to a trip to the local independent (support local!!!) toy store. Truly an amazing toy stop with great toys, a huge Playmobil selection and best of all no Disney/TV crap. Judah had a hard time choosing a toy...he has a tough time with decisions if the thought has not already crossed his mind...ultimately he chose "Salty" a Thomas train...that is all we need another train!! Cordelia was intrigued by a fairy doll (of course I picked it up for her birthday next month) but quickly changed her mind a picked "play foam". An outing with Grandpa is not complete unless food is involved so we crossed the street and supported local once again at the "Red Radish Bistro".

Super Yummy sweet potato fries. What is the deal with sweet potato fries...I love them!

Super yummy grilled cheese sandwich that Delsie and I shared. The boys had shrimp bisque...yes my foodie son! A perfect way to end our summer holiday. In about an hour we will pile in the car and bid farewell to Nan & Papoo's home...to the backyard swing, "hide the animals", endless snacks and the beach... and head home. Ah home sweet home...I am ready.
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