Dreaming of Africa

Not so much dreams but disjointed-nightmarish-disturbed dreams...my fault really since I insisted on renting and watching this movie last evening. When the movie was over about a 1000 different emotions swirled about inside of me. I know the movie was based on a John Le Carre book but the underlying base of the story must be based on real life events to some degree. Actually I was reminded of another movie. Stories that go deeper and truer than a basic drama. I found that last evenings movie resonated on a heart level, the jarring truth about corruption, greed, epidemics, cruelty that take place in Africa. A moving, a stirring within me applauded those who work so hard to bring hope and to shine light; the undying commitment to turning the tide.

In moments like these I am moved in my soul to wonder...can I do anything? Who am I to sit here all cozy in my North American cocoon and complain about anything? Why does Africa as a continent call to me and not to my husband?

There are no doubt people reading this post today who have traveled to various countries in Africa, who have lived there, who have done mission and aid work there and those of you who feel the stirring in your soul to help. I suppose, because I have never been to any region of Africa, that I am swayed by media in all forms...fiction and non-fiction. I am certain there is beauty in such diversity, color, song and light...nations of joy must mingle with the darkness portrayed. I wonder if people in other countries around the world have "stirrings in their souls" over the plight of America. If they don't they should because it isn't the land of milk and honey. I recall when I lived in Greece (1998/99) and spent large portions of my days working with Kurdish refugees at soup kitchens and refugee camps that the media interpretation was different then what I actually experienced. There was joy in the despair and hope in the night.

At the end of it all what do I really know? Just a simple trust that God is in control.

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  1. nic,

    Sadly, as one who lived in Africa for a season of nearly 3 years in my life, I can say that much in that movie is true. Unfortunate, disgusting and sickening. There is a much bigger world out there than the North American cocoon that so many are happy to surround themselves with. That is not to say it is wrong to live here....we do....but we must be opened to what others are suffering in the rest of the world. What does God want us to do with the burdens He places in our hearts and souls? We must not ignore those callings, but seek to find out what He wants us to do for Him in them....how we can bring Him glory....I miss you.



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