bte delight

As promised...the "all grown up girl"...look carefully and you will see her BTE (Behind The Ear) tucked in behind her right ear. She is still loving it and so proud of her "amazing BTE". No it was not cold here in Northern California yesterday, she was sporting her new tights!

Molly & Dels...ethereal angels!
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  1. I reminisce the days of making sounds behind her while hoping and praying for a little eye shift or head turn in response...remember how many times we used those color bean bags!? Now we can hardly get a word in edgewise with her! As she said to me last night, "This is just so EXCITING!"

  2. Words that come to mind...
    - fabulous
    - brillent

    I'm so excited for Dels. It's been awesome to watch her progress. And I have to agree with Molly, she loves to talk, and I love to listen.

    GO DELS!!!!

  3. Oh and I love the tights. Do they come in adult size?

  4. So exciting! Can't wait to meet that kiddo one of these days!

    The kindergarten prep list (last post) made me giggle...simply because I feel the need to add that to the list of required skills for some of the job applicants I run across! If only such qualifications were necessary in order to get a permit to reproduce:)


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