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Today was a milestone in my life as a mom...although as a mom I slacked in the photography department. You see, today Cordelia was fitted with her first BTE (Behind The Ear) cochlear implant...I had my camera and documented 2 crummy shots before in a classic moment the digital camera went kaput...no battery power! Nice. I'll take a photo tomorrow. Delsie was beside herself with excitement, telling complete strangers and friends alike that her CI (cochlear implant) was new..."Look at my ear!" and "Do you want to see something AMAZING?". Instead of wearing a body processor it is attached to an ear piece...smaller than a bluetooth! Truly amazing technology. A truly amazing daughter.

The other, undocumented event happened this evening to Jude...kindergarten orientation. John & I took him and I must admit I felt a wee bit emotional...just wait until the first day of school (next week). Which, never fear I will photograph! We were chuckling over a "Kindergarten Readiness Checklist"...such gems as:
-counts orally through ten
-looks at books
-pronounces first name
-recognizes circles
-has own books
And more of them same...indeed Jude is ready.

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  1. Hurray for Cordelia! She is truly an amazing daughter - and grandaughter! And truly a milestone getting her BTE. But.... she is growing up waaaaayyyyyy too fast! She is so lovely. xoxox to all!


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