alien break the fast

Last evening as I was dashing out the door to exercise and go for a drink...yes you heard me correctly...my fine young kindergarten son handed me this drawing. Do you know what it is? If your child or any child handed this to you, would you have a clue? Not even I, the mother to this ever-so-literal child, knew what mysteries this drawing held. This you see, was in some way, a menu, a pictorial menu if you will, depicting what he would like to have for breakfast in the morning. The drawing is on white paper so most of the colors depict whipped cream and the blue circles that look like blueberries are indeed chocolate chips. Now it is important that you understand Jude did not create this out of the clear blue sky but rather using his fine gift for memory recalled a breakfast a year ago at a nationwide chain restaurant. Nice Buddy! Way to go! Of course I make no promises.

Breakfast is served...Alien style...bacon antennas, grape teeth, raspberry eyes & nose, and of course whipped cream...later to be all squished down with maple syrup. Am I a good mama or what?

I had pancakes with raspberries and syrup(non-alien style) and a big ole side of love...caffeine style and kid style.
Speaking of love, the friendship sisterly kind of love, I received the greatest parcel in the mail today...something homemade involving Amy Butler fabric...check back tomorrow for the grand reveal...you all will be green with envy. So inspiring. So amazing. Ooh I feel the love.


  1. Aww, wow, you are a good mama....a super duper one!!! I hope I can read into my kids art that well. That rocks!!!!!

  2. Mmm. I want a Latte now. And an alien. :) Can't wait to see the surprise. I love AB's material. Drool!


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