There is nothing like a new box of crayons...the colors, the smell and the newness. Yesterday Judah wanted to go to Target to get new supplies for his desk...how can I resist buying my kids new art supplies even if they need them like they need another hole in their heads. Alas I am a sucker for art supplies and new books...I usually grant their requests for those items. I love new markers, drawing pads and books of all kinds.

Speaking of books this is my latest read...for moms only...especially frazzled, over committed and stretched moms or moms who think their lives are perfect. I keep reading portions to John, much to his dismay of course.

Oh, I saw this amazing movie tonight...for Jane Austen fans! It is poker night here tonight and so mama got an evening out with a friend. Gotta love girl movies and watching them with a girlfriend.
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  1. i cried like a baby. loved the movie. so beautiful.
    jenn D

  2. Can't wait for a chance to see that movie. Must organize a GNO soon!

  3. So I went to help out in a classroom yesterday. I was helping to set up a 4th/5th combo room where its the teacher's first year. So exciting. But the best part was putting out the new markers and fresh boxes of crayons. I'm sure the students will need new materials in a few short weeks. School's coming...


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