For 393 days I have struggled with Iritis in my right eye...right Iris to be exact. It has been a trying year(and beyond) and there does not seem to be an end in sight (pun intended!). In that time I have been on some form of steroids...steroid eye drops, and injection in my eyeball (yes as wicked as it sounds) and oral prednisolone (which makes you all manic and crazy), with exception of 3 weeks this summer when I had "beat Iritis a**". Sadly when I was in Canada I had a flare up and the good old steroids worked their magic...so magical that now I have steroid induced glaucoma. Lovely. I am now on an oral med that makes me super tired and causes the bottoms of my feet to tingle. All these appointments, specialists and medications because a lovely inherited gene HLA B27...thank you Bateman genes!

Thank you for letting me vent. Really I shouldn't complain because so many have so many serious aliments and I am otherwise healthy. A bit nutty but healthy. Cheers here's to day 394.


  1. You are a nut! That's why you're loved by so many. I relate to long standing minor but annoying illnesses. Chris and I are now on day 4 of a 7 day cleanse and I must force myself not to look at your scrumptous food photos! Here's to weird things with our bodies!

  2. Crappy! I hope you are feeling better soon and can leave the nasty meds far behing. Maybe it's only the oldest one that gets the fun stuff! No, really...of all the Bateman men, each oldest child ended up with some pretty noticeable form of arthritis/iritis. Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us!!

  3. Sorry bout your eye and the medical side effects, not fun for a mommy on the run!!!
    On a side note that book sounds and actually looks pretty great. Thanks for the awesome posts.
    Don't worry about complaining every once in a while, just proves that you are as human as the rest of us.

  4. Well I am the oldest of my family. Maybe I will save the other three from it. Sorry you are the oldest too. My RA is going great though right now, I am basically in remission through a wonderful med!

  5. nicole, nicole. ugh. i feel for you. you were such a good sport while we saw you considering the pain and annoyance. if only i had a magic wand... from another who would love to leave her earthly body. jenn

  6. I guess going back to contacts is out of the question, at least any time soon. I hope your dilating your eyes every hour like during the early days, because you couldn't come out to play then. If you need a pair of eyes to borrow, I would be happy to lend you mine. Although I do have to wear glass when reading things far away and while driving.


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