top o' morn

At our house, steel cut oatmeal is a real treat and often requested...it is a treat because I rarely have 1/2 hour to devote to the cooking of oatmeal when there is some perfectly adequate Kashi in the cupboard. On the mornings when we do not have to dash out the door at some unreasonable hour I make oatmeal. I have tried a couple varieties of steel cut but I prefer the classic. Super yummy with a splash of buttermilk (my vote but the kids prefer good ole cow's milk) and fresh berries. I love the summer berries...so cheap at the farmers market right now...plus we can pick a handful from the backyard..strawberries, blueberries and today the first ripe Olallieberry. I love that my kids love to eat oatmeal since I am trying to raise organicish locavorish foodies...all "ish" of course. Life is too short to be hardcore. Speaking of ish...do you know this book. Check it out at your local library.

Who can resist red Maryjane's...her toes are nearly at the end...my baby is nearly 4. I think I am going to weep.

Today is Sunday and I am home...I am on the edge of not feeling good...I think my body has hit a wall. My throat is sore, I feel a wee bit lightheaded and tired. I know, I know show me a mom of young'ns that isn't tired. Poor pitiful me! Perhaps I feel overwhelmed by the 100 mile commute that begins tomorrow...again...for summer school. Perhaps I have too many things on my plate. Perhaps a good long nap and a massage will cure all. Perhaps...catch ya in a few zzzzz's.


  1. Maybe you feel run over becasue I kept you out until midnight. Or meybe it's not my fault but Man and Spuerman's fault. I didn't know the play was going to be 3.5 hours. I do hope you get a nap after your tummy is full of berries and oats.

  2. Mmmm, love your photography!!! And maryjanes---red ones at that!!!

  3. You can get some really good organic strawberrys for free at Grandma's. She picks them and wants others to eat them.

    I think I got your, whatever you have bug, because I feel the same way today. So gets lots of rest and eat healthy.


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