time is tickin'

Check out the time of this post...let me tell you I have oh so many things to and and oh so many miles to go before I can sleep...tomorrow will come early...6:15 ish and out the door with the kids by 7:20am...off to Neverland summer camp...dash away to the airport...fly to Seattle...meet my mom and sister...drive to YVR...catch a ferry...whee we made it...I hope. I am off to Canada until mid August! Yeah!

There are suitcases to be packed, laundry to be finished, cameras and cords to be remembered, airplane bags for the kids to be packed, endless amounts of cochlear implant and speech paraphernalia to be collected and a plethora of stuff to be crossed off the list. I had hoped to vacuum the floors, bake my wonderful husband cookies ( he is staying home all on his lonesome for 2 weeks), clean the coop, catch up on email, sew, sort hand-me-downs, wash dishes, water the front garden and finish reading my book, write a clever post, scrub the tub and glue hair barrettes. Alas, I need some caffeine and a couple more hours in the day. Plus today is my Dad's birthday...which reminds me I need to make a call!

Also, to you who faithful read my blog...I thank you. For those of you who may have noticed, I removed the recent post that highlighted my kiddo's naughty behaviour...I was wracked with mama guilt. We all have a sinful haughty heart and as adults we can hide our naughtiness better. Jude's disobedience should be a family and private matter...in the future it shall stay just so. I got side tracked by the pettiness of life instead of delighting in the joys of the my days. Looking for the light and joy is my new focus...except there is no light and joy in procrastinating.


  1. I can find great joy in procrastination. I think it is my spiritual gift! See you in 4 days,

  2. Stumbled on your blog and reading more!

  3. I hope you slow down, relax, and enjoy being in a place where you don't have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off! I did copy your idea of the superhero capes and the kids went wild! Thanks. I was beginning to feel like a nobody after reading all you accomplish in a day. Sigh..... Love to the Bateman clan.


  4. I seem to find myself procrastinating more and more. I too have a long list of things that need to be checked off from heading out on vacation but it seems that other things pop in at teh top before anything on the bottom can be checked off.

    Have fun in maple leaf county. We'll be up there soon enough.


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