a thrifting we will go

There are no end of vintage stores, thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales here on the island. I have been to several and have found many a wonderful delight! I will spare you from photos of every find... but here is a glimpse at the first strike. Sewing supplies, old books, a button collection and a great vintage tablecloth for my yellow kitchen. So delightful.
On Saturday, we went to St Mark's fair, an annual fundraiser here in QB. I scored an entire box of vintage (isk) buttons for $1. Wowsers! The other score was a box of vintage birds with real feathers (sorry, Sara!) with spun cotton bodies...some still in their original packages. $4...what a deal...I need to get home and start creating! I think Christmas will have a bird theme. For those of you who don't know me, I start planning Christmas in about June! I guess I am a wee bit tardy this year.
Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to go thrifting with my longtime friend Jenn..we had a blast sifting through old fabrics and retro dresses. We bought several princess/angel/party girl dress up clothes for our children... kids have imaginations that stretch on into forever. The highlight for me was a 2 yard silver lame fabric piece...perfect for lightning bolts on the back of superhero capes! Jude is thrilled, of course since he saw a boy the other day in a red cape with a silver lightning bolt on his back and this superhero of sorts was carrying a sword...oh the funny things coveting does!
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  1. Nicole - please no birds for me for Christmas...anything but birds...pretty pretty please.

  2. I think a nice bird's nest hat for Sara would be just the thing!

    Great finds! Did Jon arrive OK?

  3. Sara, not to worry...no birds for you just homemade goodness..


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