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Reading has been on my mind of late, I fondly recall the days of my youth when I would just sit and read for hours, granted growing up in a home without a television fueled my love of books. For which, I might add, I am grateful. I do recall being a social outcast for not having a TV but alas I grew up and so did all my childhood peers. I would gladly get rid of our TV now but I am married to a sports fan.
Back to reading...oh what I would give to sit curled up with a good book...so few stupendous books pass my way and so rarely do I take the time to just sit and read...when I do read, after I crawl into bed for the night, I read for mere minutes before my head starts nodding away. The primary reason I do not sit and read randomly through the day is, well, I have a hard time being still...something that I need to work on...when I do sit still my mind whirls with the oh-so-many things that could be accomplished...dusting, cooking, organizing, sweeping, playing with the kids, painting, sewing, exercising and so it goes. Of course this also means that my time reading the bible slips away too...I try hard to squeeze that in to. Which I regret because I don't want to squeeze God's living word into my life. I desire to seek Him and to carve out regular time "in the word". How can I do this? I do keep Bibles around the house and next to the bed and I do manage to read a couple verses, a psalm or sometimes a chapter when I go to bed...I need to get in the habit of doing this at daybreak. I remember a woman I once knew...when I was in my impressionable 20's, this woman was a true Woman of God, a mother and a pastor's wife...I recall her telling me that she would get out of bed an hour before her family woke just to spend time with God. I recall wanting to be like that, having that desire and discipline...I still want that discipline, but let's face it , I am not the most disciplined person...check out my body shape as example #1.
I love to read, I love a great book...a challenge , an escape and an outlet. C.S Lewis once said 'We read to know we are not alone". Precisely.
Currently I am reading "Plenty" which challenges me to rethink my food purchases, on the book stand, other than the Holy Bible, various books await to be read...a couple of novels, Brain Child and a book of poems (see above photo). At home the books waiting to be read outgrew my bedside table and have since been reallocated to the bookcase...probably to never be read...normally the bookcase is reserved for books I have read and enjoyed and want to keep. My book "wish list" grows daily.
So the questions remains...Can I sit still? Do I want to be still? Will I ever take time in the middle of the day to sit and read? Perhaps today. Do blogs count as reading? Magazines? Newspapers?


  1. I agree that it is hard to remember to read the bible on a regular basis. It shouldn't be something we squeeze in, even though that is often what it is. Often when I am reading too much fiction, it is even harder. I go in stages. I guess that is kind of like weight gain. I definitely have my ups and downs in that area!!! It must be normal.

  2. The other day I sat down for about an hour and read. I felt guilt the whole time! Is there a way to turn that off? Perhaps if I had picked up the bible instead of "My Antonia" it would have been different.
    I miss the days of spending summer afternoons reading! My mom had a good way to encourage productivity while "reading"...she mezmerized us with books on tapes and, by doing so, got many more hours of bean-cutting and pea-podding out of us with much fewer tapes. Maybe downloading audiobooks is the clue to literary escape for you while still getting the rest of it done...perhaps I'll try it myself and let you know!

  3. Wow! I should read my comments before I publish. I meant "much fewer complaints" not "much fewer tapes". Not even close!

  4. In short read should be enjoyable, not guilt ridden. Your mind should want to read instead of saying "I should be doing (fill in the blank)."

    I think it's great that you at least find a few spare moments before you surcome to sleep to read. If I didn't take the train to and from work each day, I don't know how I would ever get through a book. But yet when do I find time to write my book, it's a similar problem. Instead I find myself posting comments on my friend's blogs :)

  5. I've noticed you've often referred to or spoken about 'sitting still'. It reminds me that I have bible text on my wall which happens to hang directly over the high chair in the dining room. "Their strength is to sit still,... In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." - Isaiah 30:7,15 I love those verses, and I'm often reminded of it as I tell my little ones to sit down during mealtimes. Ironically, it seems an appropiate verse for the location it's in!


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