ordinary moments part 2

For quite sometime now, Jude wanted to paint his room and since we had a free Saturday we thought "Why not today?!"

Big Daddy-O (Who recently got 182 lines in Tetris...Gameboy circa 1989) taping the sills and baseboards. Go Daddy-O go. (he is the best)

The great artist at work...a future DIY gal. Check out that form.

You see painting Jude's room was a family affair...for about 10 minutes until I told them they could watch TV instead!! The help they offered included enthusiasm, dripping paint and messy floors. They need to learn somehow. I do want self sufficient children and adult children at that. The second coat, to be completed today will be done without the our little painters extraordinaire.

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  1. Love your skirt, love the pastries (recipe????) and love the paint color. What color is it?

  2. I can't find where I found the cinnamon petal recipe...maybe google...I'll see what I can find. The paint color is "Chapel Hill" by Dutch Boy

  3. Sorry I missed the paint day. Do you check comments on past blogs?
    I need you on Thursday.

  4. The little painters... so cute, so adorable. I have to say that 182 lines is rather a HUGE accomplishment and Daddy-O should be proud. I think my best is maybe 150. If he breaks 200 that could be a potential blog.


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