ordinary moments part 1

I heard a quote in a movie yesterday about remembering happy moments in "an ordinary moment in an ordinary day"
Here we are Saturday morning cooking breakfast as a family...an ordinary moment (not that we ever cook together)
on an ordinary day (we never have a free Saturday with no commitments).

As ordinary as it gets for us.

Our attempt at Cinnamon Petal Biscuits...painting with melted butter.

A sprinkling of cinnamon sugar and pop them in the pan...

and pop them in the oven...

and eat them warm...share of course!

Yummy breakfast pastries with fruit.

Not photographed: Daddy's scrumptious bacon and eggs!

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  1. Okay so that's looks delicious... can you send me the recipe and maybe I can try to have an ordinary moment with a friend and my hubby.

  2. I found your blog when I was googling cinnamon petal biscuits in hope of finding a recipe. I used to make them from my mother's old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, but it's been lost over the years. Can you give me your recipe?


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