So, we went to the home of our dear friends, the Gades, for dinner and wild playtime for the kiddos. Fry Daddy fried up the yummiest fish tacos...I had fish tacos twice this week and shrimp tacos once...sad! Speaking of sad, I was slightly moronic and neglected to bring a camera to capture the true essence of golden fried snapper supper...understandable if you only had one camera but not the case at our house...we have several cameras, 2 of which are digital. When will I learn. I must remember that not every event needs to be photographed nor for that matter blog worthy. Sometimes you gotta live in the moment for the moment. I struggle with posting a blog with out an attached photo. If I don't have a photo should I blog? That is the big question. Perhaps tomorrow I will snap the cleverest photo of all time and write the niftiest post. Perhaps. But for tonight I will simply sign off and take my dreamy wine filled self to bed and read my latest find...thanks to Jackie.

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  1. I so understand the 'no picture - no blog?' dilemma! Good for you for blogging anyway. :)


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