Bocce has been the after-dinner-pre-bed activity here at Nan & Papoo's house.
Every evening we have played, boys against girls and always end the match with "Good game!"
Tonight, part way through the game Jude exclaims, " The rules of Bocce are to have fun!".
Out of the mouths of babes...to have fun! Good sports with good attitudes.
Speaking of babes, at dinner my dad made mention of the naughtiness of my youth to which my Mom remarked "Maybe we shouldn't be talking about Nicole's bad behaviour right now."
(the discussion was in front of my innocent children after all)
To which my quick witted Dad replied "We don't have enough time for that!"
Very funny Dad!
Everyone's a comedian here at the Bateman house!


  1. hi nicole!
    we're at harrison hot springs and can't wait to see you, your parents and the kids for a round of bocce.
    we're probably arrive round 6ish. we booked the 3:15 ferry (only one available). see you!!!

  2. it's jenn by the way.

  3. We love Bocce here. Been playing it for years. The guys have to carry around a measuring tape because they are so competitive!

  4. Nothing like a good bocce game! A rousing game of bocce or washers (tried that yet?) can keep any family gathering interesting!

  5. parents can be so kind when innocent ears are listening. I love the photo, probably make my top five on your blog. The colors pop and it just feels like fun. Make me want to come play.


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