another indicator

Yet another indicator that you are in Canada.
Bilingual, eh!
I love when you get a latte from Starbucks and the quote has meaning in your life...like a fortune cookie. It rarely happens but today's quote was fitting. Which reminds me...I need to go for a run! The countdown is on to the 1/2 marathon in October. Yikes. I gotta get my groove on, and on and on.
Jude and I had a lovely mom/son time today. We hit the toy store for a "hotwheels" track...which are all made of crappy plastic and are not the tracks of my youth ( my brother's youth)...I think Jude is now disappointed in the track...but what can I do...encourage gratefulness and move on. Speaking of gratefulness, Judah said "thank you" numerous times after the shopping spree and our lunch out. I definitely need to have more one on one time with the kiddos.
I am grateful to have family, sisters and children.

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  1. Hello cousin!
    Love it! I miss having bilingual packaging for practicing my french! The shreddies box was always great for that every morning! Hello to all the folks gathering on the island. We girls had a great time yakking with Jon yesterday and will begrudgingly pass him on to you from here.

  2. I love the quote, it reminds me of our trek to half dome. I think we crawl at some point.

    If you want to run/walk/crawl when you get back, let me know.


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