aiming for joy

I trying to aim for joy...to find the good but alas I am struggling...even though I am on "vacation". Vacation it is not...vacation is escaping one's life...I simply took my life and moved it away from my home! Today the kids still woke up at 6am; peed in the bed, had a tantrum and complained while walking back from the beach. We have been on the island part of 2 days the rain has watered the earth most of that time. Alas...to find the good...or as it has been said "to be present and to be here". Let me find the good. I shall begin with a list:

5 signs indicating you left California, Dude!

1) the highways and byways are not strewn with litter and discarded appliances.
2) you pump your gas and then pay for your gas at a kiosk with no metal bars.
3) the grass is green, green , green...lawns are trimmed and green.
4) strangers hold the door for you and the 3 strangers behind you.
5) when you walk on a street with no sidewalks, cars slow down not speed up.

I am sure I could think of more...but let's move on shall we.

5 things to be grateful for TODAY:

1) I do not have to run errands, paint trim, pay bills or return phone calls
2) though it is rainy, we do not have to bundle up, the weather is mild
3) the grass is green and I was able to photography the early morning dew on the dahlias because I didn't have to dash out the door en route to school, speech or any such appointment.
4) the beach was scattered with an amazing spattering of driftwood...too bad we didn't drive up North.
5) my kids are healthy and strong, independent and adventurous.

I thought about posting photos today but I need to upload Picasa for my folks...I know it only takes a couple of minutes but I have been busy...there have been many many blogs to read...tomorrow perhaps.

My top 5 blog reads for today:


5 good things about being in my homeland:
(in no particular order)

1) Shreddies (cereal)
2) Smarties (chocolate candies)
3) Loonies & Twoonies (money)
4) Island farms dairy products
5) the accents...gotta love it, eh


  1. Ed, (used to be), the man!July 19, 2007 at 5:18 PM

    Rodeo Hardware missed you yesterday. Did John get his bacon? I hope you and your kids will come back with accents for a while- eh?
    I am excited that I am your first commenter.

  2. Ed the man,
    And we missed the hardware store...John has the bacon!

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  4. Let's see on 7/19, I was sitting in SFO waiting for our delayed flight to board, so we could finally start the next leg of our journey to Roma. So instead of being frusatrated at United yet again, we headed over to a little Japanese cafe for lunch.

    It's funny how so many things can go right in a day, and then one very minor blip can throw you off course, change your perceptive and even ruin a delightful day.

    We were able to make our connection in Frankfurt and arrived in Rome, hot, sticky, ready for a shower, Rome.

    I guess we all need to remember take that deep breath and realize that there was good moments before the bad and there will be good moments after. Sometimes we need to look a little longer, that's all.


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