why I love California

Seasonal produce from a roadside stand...fresh from the farm.

You gotta love summer squash, berries and stone fruit.

Apricots, yum-o.

The apricot season is coming to an end for this year. Boo hoo.

And of course cherries, who can have summer without cherries?
I wish I had a farm, orchard and few goats. I should be content with what I have...strawberries, blueberries, lemons, lettuce, peas, beans and soon eggs all in my backyard. This is a fine life.
Indeed you gotta love California.
As an end note, Happy Father's Day Dad...my garden loving dad.
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  1. Yummy fruit. I was there when you picked out the fuit and veggies. I got teh pleasure is watching you're gittiness as you strolled through the stands with your backet swinging with luscious sweets from the local farms.

    I did love those cherries :)


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