trout for supper

This is a lame excuse for a post but I need to pay tribute to the yummy trout supper we had last night...I intended to take more photos of the event to blog but we were running around trying to get a meal on the table before my sewing class (The one hour pattern that has taken me 4 weeks...hopefully the big reveal will be next week!). We grilled the trout in foil on the BBQ, I sliced lemons, from our tree, and placed them in the belly of the fishes with a sprinkle of salt & pepper...grilled for about 10 minutes and ate with equally healthy food like grilled summer squash and harvest grains. Yum-o (to quote Ms. Ray). A friend commented that we were having a biblical meal with our 2 fish that our young son caught...when Judah thanked God for supper he said "Thank you that I was strong enough to catch fish...". The meal was right on the mark regarding my recent interest in "where does my food come from"...which is of course a result of reading this book. "Animal, Vegetable Miracle" of course in turn reminds me that I still want a wee farm to call my own...ahhhh the dream. Dream a little dream. Off to sports camp we go!
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  1. Mmmm, sounds great, I hadn't even thought about BBQing, I think that is the route we will go, Thanks!


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