one year ago tomorrow

On year ago tomorrow, June 11, 2006, Cordelia had her re-implantation surgery for her cochlear implant. Many changes have occurred since that day...she has come so far with her auditory skills. When her CI (cochlear implant) failed she had 23 days without hearing, fairly traumatic for a girl who had bonded to her implant since she was "turned on" at 11 months old (implanted at 10 mths). I remember last June when we signed to her that her implant was broken and she needed a new one, she fell to the floor crying and banging her fists (rare for her) "I want my CI". Poor baby. Though many kids at her school have bi-lateral implants she tells us she does not want another one...she remembers all to well last years surgery! She is doing great now and will be in a mainstream preschool in the fall. She is amazing. We thank God for her bionic hearing and for who she is.
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  1. Modern technology is so amazing. Thanks be to God for His unspeakables gifts! Your Grandma Light is forever telling me stories of your little princess, she is so proud of her accomplishments. Aaahhh, so much love!

  2. What a brave little girl. I wish I could meet your kids!

  3. Dels rocks! It has been amazing watching her grow up and talking. I remember early on when she first started talking, just how absolutely inspiring and awesome it was. Technology is something special and the doctors who could help provide this are just as special.


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