a new day

Amazing what a good night sleep can do to one's outlook on life. Oh and a strong latte with a wee bit of Cinnamon Dolce. I did not take a run but splashed around in the pool in the afternoon with Delsie. I definitely need to make a list of all my ideas...get them out of my head so I can free up space for more creating! Of course I haven't started the list...because now I need to find the perfect notebook for such a list. Tonight, I finished the waist & drawstring on my skirt and cut out the pattern for my next sewing project...to be revealed later this week. I am off to bed for another good night sleep. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments and calls. It is good to have family and friends.

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  1. Well, maybe its a change of venue you need to get you crafting. You are more then welcome to pop in anytime. I've got a sewing machine, if you don't want to bring your, I got rubber stamps, pens, paint, stickers, beads, and who knows what else. Plus, the bay trail is a few steps away from the front door, so if you need to run, jump, roll around in the grass... Just know I'm here and that you are welcome anytime.


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