Mom, I see you

I have been a bit blue but this wee girl cheers me up. "Mom, I see you..you are big". Thanks honey as if battling the bulge isn't enough of a downer!! No new crafting, cooking or sewing news. Perhaps tomorrow. My ironing board and sewing machine are out so that is a move in the general crafting direction. Quite frankly my brain is overflowing with ideas that I can't actually accomplish anything...too much creativity blocking the process or perhaps just an excuse. I re-organized my sewing box and gift wrap box...clearly procrastinating. I wanted to tend to my garden today too but I am having sharp pains radiating from my neck down my left shoulder blade so I decided to rest my body. Sounds like I am looking for excuses all over the place. My soul is weary, my body is tired and heart is downcast. Nothing major just little things piling up. Don't worry, all I need to have a good night sleep and to start tomorrow with a good run/walk. Tomorrow is indeed a new day. This weariness shall pass.
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  1. So feeling for you, sounds like my battle! The creativity builds so high that I don't even know where to start and have half a dozen unfinnished projects as well, I sometimes wish I didn't have to sleep so I could get it done. Crap, I could do a post about this....hmmmm

    Ya to new days! Hope tomorrow you are out of your funk!
    And that pic of your little gal is awesome!!!!

  2. you are a good mother, a talented artist, a devoted friend, loved beyond measure, and good-looking to boot!
    see you on the 17th!

  3. I say go out and buy yourself some fancy chocolate and then start fresh the next day. One project at a time Nicole!


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