The meal

The meal was divine, the company delightful, the wine perfect. The entire experience left me with a permanent smile. I was a smiling photographing fool.
For several years now I have wanted to go to Chez Panisse. I was excited about going on Friday evening. I wanted to experience the meal to the fullest so I refrained from checking the website for the menu and decided I did not want to know until I sat down to eat. No one ruined the surprise for me...not that I would have ever thought to guess pigeon!

The scent of the restaurant was so enticing. Everything was perfection. I am grateful for the opportunity to dine the Alice Waters way. Thank you Pop.

The meal started with Fava bean toasts and olives and an aperitif.

A salad of warm ricotta, prosciutto and greens.

A lovely and extremely tasty Dungeness crab minestrone.

Grilled squab, mushrooms and liver toast.

We opted for the supplemental "cheese course".

After a tour of the amazing kitchen and a quick chit chat with the many chefs we finished the meal with a lovely apricot tart...I am so partial to apricots...especially with ice cream! The meal was topped off with french pressed coffee and a to die for chocolate taste...and 1 cherry.

The experience was more than I hoped for and all I dreamed it would be. Yes, I know it was just food but this was a once in a lifetime meal.

This blog is not lined up properly and I am too tired to figure it out and I need to go to bed and if I don't post now I will never post!! Please bear with me as I figure out the whole blog thing!

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  1. I can't wait to hear every tiny detail about the meal. I'm guessing that Alice Waters wasn't there or you would have mentioned it. Edward would never make it past the first course. Oh well.

  2. Ah, Nicole, what an experience! I am quite drooling...there is nothing like a fabulous meal in good company.
    -Cousin Amy

  3. Sounds interesting, I am not sure how I would have reacted to the pigeon. I am sure I would have tried everything though.Liver toast sounds gross.


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