the gals

This is the latest photo of Camilla, Dixie and Penny...in all their chicken glory! They are flighty things and do not like to be held. If my calculations are correct they are about 8weeks old or so. I only have to wait 2-3 more months for a chance of eggs. I can't wait. Although I think there is still a chance that Dixie will be a Dick...time will tell if I do indeed have a rooster. I hope not! I have decided that the chickens are not going to be free range, my small yard can not cope with the copious amounts of poop and I can not bear to have them destroy my garden with their ruthless scratching. They have a good size chicken run and what they don't know won't hurt them. Maybe if they are good girls then they can get a field trip to the compost pile. Yummy red worms.
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  1. OOO, pretty. So if she is a he can you return him?

  2. Poor, gender confused little Dixie, er, Dick!

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  4. Three little chicks, cluck, cluck. I feel a song coming on... Anyway, should I pencil in a Saturday in about 3 months for omelets at your house? I'll bring the veggies to put in it, oh wait we can get those from your garden too. I'll just come over then, around 9:30/10ish, and I'll do dishes, ok?


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