dryer repair guy

This is Kevin, our very handy dryer repair guy, posing. Last night, John had the guys over for poker and I asked Kevin, who seems like a handy-man-kinda-guy if he knew anything about fixing dryers. I was kinda joking but at this point willing to ask any ole guy on the street. I did call a repair person but the average cost is about $125 for a service call and then more cashola for parts...you can buy a new dryer for $300 and up and I hadn't even checked Craigslist. Turns out our pal Kev, knows about dryers, how to troubleshoot and fix them...10 minutes later, voila the dryer stopped squeaking. The front & top were taken off and the drum moved and re greased. Time will tell I suppose, but for now I am delighted and have promised a batch of chocolate chip cookies as payment. I am grateful. I might go and do a load of laundry right now just so I can use my non squealing dryer.
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