dental duty

This is what you get when you go to the dentist and have no cavities. Does this seem strange to anyone... "Good job son, no cavities. Why don't you go out and get yourself some sugary junk!" This is the pediatric dentist new gimmick. I am alarmed. After all I do to keep the kids cavity free and this is the reward. Judah knows logos too so there was no hiding the evidence. Although, when he was offered marshmallow, bubble gum or banana berry fluoride flavor options he told the D.A "My mom doesn't let me chew bubble gum, I am only 5 years old."

Speaking of which, here is the angel himself! The dentist has a TVs in the ceiling to watch while getting the routine dental exam. Today's choices were "Happy Feet", "Night in the Museum" and something else I can't recall. No thank you. What happen to Thomas or Mickey Mouse? Maybe I need a new dentist. I do like him though; the kids like going there and know what to expect. Heaven knows these kids of mine are not open to change.

Don't get me wrong they get doughnuts on Sundays between churches! They love sugary junk! Ragamuffins!
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  1. Ok, I'm with Cordelia on her chooice of donut. I love the rainbow sprinkles. Ok I love sprinkles. They don't have to be rainbow and if there on chocolate, ice cream, donuts... they just make everything happier. (Well, maybe that's just the sugar talking.)


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