2 more days

In 2 days I am leaving my family and heading East to the Sierra's, specifically Yosemite and even more specifically Half Dome. Isn't this great! The happy campers will convene in the Valley. The goal for Monday, and the main purpose of this trip, for me anyways, is to hike (not rock climb) Half Dome. The round trip is between 16-18 miles depending on your route. Not a quiet little stroll but a rock-your-whole-body-expect-to-ache wowser kinda hike which includes an ascent & descent on cables. Half Dome is the shear face(which people rock climb!) mountain in the photo below.

The hike begins in the lower right of the above photo and follows the falls (Vernal & Nevada) before rounding the mountian (to the leftside of photo) and ascending to the flat top...which will be the half way point. We will enjoy the view, take pictures, eat and then turn around and head back down from wence we came...the Yosemite Valley floor. Check this out. This will be a hike of a lifetime...John hiked it last June with a group of guys and this June I am hiking with girls and Craig (who incidentally I hiked my last hike of a lifetime with...the Grand Canyon).
Bring it on...this 35 year old mama of 2 is ready! I will overcome...don't be fooled I am slightly daunted!


  1. Wow, that looks amazing! Take lots of pictures to share.

    Your "this" link to the hiking website needs one less "http:" in order to work.

  2. I'm feeling very nervous for you all, but rest assured I will have yummy food waiting for you back at camp when you all return!

  3. I fixed the hike link! Thanks for the heads up Coralee

  4. Can't wait to see some pictures!


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