yogurt bliss

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So, for Christmas and my birthday I wanted a yogurt maker from Sur La Table. For Christmas and my birthday I did not get a yogurt maker. So, I took some birthday money and marched, or shall I say drove, on down to Sur la Table and picked up myself a little yogurt maker. Of course I had to make my first batch, this was last Thursday afternoon. I did not realize that the whole process takes 10 hrs from start to eat! Yummy!
The yogurt is super yummy yet quite tart so I've been using honey or maple syrup to even out the sharp taste. Perhaps my next batch will be less tart. If anyone has helpful hints I am open to suggestions...except for buying my yogurt instead of making it.
Judah loves the yogurt, especially when he gets to mix in maple syrup. He wants to take a cup to school next Friday for lunch. Planning ahead. That's my son.
As a sideline, John and I saw the movie "Freedom Writer's" tonight. Excellent. I recommend.


  1. Mmm. That looks yummy. I have never tried homemade yogurt, send me a bite will yah?

  2. 'Just browsing through your archives... What is the name of your yogurt maker? I'm interested in trying yogurt making out as my kids love yogurt and it's good for them. Only, I have no clue as to where to start looking, so please leave me a comment at Moments & Musings if you get a chance.


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