Superhero Thursday

On Wednesday, Judah declared that we should start having Superhero Thursdays every week. His reasoning was that the Gade family has burritos every Thursday, he could take or leave burritos therefore superheros make a great substitution as a weekly activity.
Good thinking...when you are 5.
What family doesn't need a Superhero day every week.
Of course I had no idea what "Superhero Thursday" would entail. I wanted to be the best Supermom ever so I asked and apparently Superheros eat soup, cupcakes and have a big party to celebrate Thursdays. Finally after some careful consideration, and of course with the added bonus of a play date (Sorry, honey, that's what moms call it!) already planned it was decided that we would go to the fabric store to get cape fabric and we would have superhero craft time and of course decorate cupcakes.
We headed straight for Joanne's remnant bin and found 4 lovely polyester pieces of fabric.
Pink, Red, Navy and of course the piece de la resistance...electric green.
We picked up the appropriate accouterments, of course. This was to be a fancy day.
Our first ever Superhero Thursday.
I had grand illusions of what the capes would look like and how I would sew them. Keep in mind I have never sewn a cape and I am not a good seamstress, as many of you know. I started with many super duper ideas and started the "sewing" at 8:50pm with the plan to "whip" up 4 capes. Easy peasy pudd'n & pie.
First up, the navy cape, complete with contrasting green zigzag stitch around the collar and hem...I embellished with the ever so wonderful sticker felt star shapes.
Superhero today, wizard tomorrow, Little Prince, King, Night Fairy or magician of the future.
One down, three to go. Next up, the lovely pink lining fabric for Dels...I had purchased pink pompom trim too...o-la-la. So fancy!
I start hemming (?) the collar (to thread ribbon) and suddenly the sewing machine seizes up. (Can anyone help me?) Yikes.
Now, I am not very good with a sewing machine and the Bernina I use is on permanent loan from Denise (Thank you Denise!). By this point it is way too late to call anyone I know who can sew. Arrrgggg. I try rethreading the machine and using a new bobbin but to no avail. The thread keeps getting caught in the bobbin thangamawhoo and become a mass of tangled thread.
Not so lovely.
Definitely not super.
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At this point I must resort to a NO-SEW CAPE method
You might be wondering why I didn't start with this method since the gist of the cape is to slit holes in the collar area and weave ribbon.
Well, I prefer the more difficult and complex way of doing things.
I prefer to exhaust myself with the details and make things much more elaborate then they need to be. Yes...every time!
Remember all the while I am trying to attain SUPERMOM status.
So the no-sew method it is...I whip through 3 more capes and add the appropriate details...pompoms for the pink(hand sewn on), stars (again, stickers) on the lapel for the green and a big glittery glue "S" (for super duper) on the red cape.
Viola, 4 capes ready for Superhero Thursday.
Carefully I hang the pink cape on Delsie's doorknob and the navy one Judah's doorknob.
By this time I feel proud and tired (it is well after midnight by this time...too late for me!).
I am a good mom.
Flash to 6:15 am today:
Judah rushes into our room and exclaims :It's Superhero Thursday Mom!
I tell him about his cape on the door (the only sewn one...my blood & sweat and tears...okay not tears!), he of course is so disappointed because he wanted a green superhero cape. Ahhhh
What is a Mom to do?
Wait, I say wait!
Someday his daughter will ask him to make a throne for princess day and then I will tell him of this day, the day I made capes for him.
He was grateful and later told me it was the best day ever.
The first ever Superhero Thursday.
A day complete with glittery, painty, gluey crafts and sprinkled frosted cupcakes.
I am a Supermom after all...my Supergirl and Green-O boy tell me so.
Thank you my children for being superkids.
And thank you Jesus for being the best Superhero ever.


  1. You are not just a supermom but a superduper hot mama and don't you ever forget it. Love, Sara

  2. Ok you made me cry! What a super day! Those capes rock!!!

  3. Your kids are such Batemans in that picture. Cute capes! Thanks for the crafty cape link, that will come in handy.

  4. Hi Nichol! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the way you write; any author's dream...'see through my eyes'.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Supermom.

  6. Nicole feel free to call with sewing issues. I'm your gal. I even can bring over my machine and we can power through any project.

    Great idea Jude. I want to play on a superhero day. Can I come play?

    - Shelly

  7. I stumbled across your blog when doing a search for capes. You are one awesome mum for doing this for your kids.


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