Retro Betty Crocker

Last weekend I got this amazing gift of a cookbook ...such a great find. I love old retro vintage books...especially the craft & cooking ones. What a delight! They are so funny. Thank you Grandma.

Check out this illustration on a page about cakes. Love it! I can't wait to try out a recipe or two.

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  1. Great picture and I want to know how the recipes turn out. I used to cook from this very same cookbook that grandma gave you. Love you, Aunt Kitty

  2. Oh wow. I would love a copy of that cookbook. I wonder if the cooking times are accurate now that ovens are so efficient?

  3. Nicole when are you opening your B and B with all of you baked goods and charm. Just like to say that I too will miss the Gilmore Girls. I am sure that my sense of humour and vocabulary will decline immensely without them. Also, think of how much carbon emissions you are saving by ari drying your laundry. Some day when I own a house, I will have a clothesline. Not a great idea here in the bush with all my students and horses around. I may find my clothes in odd places.


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