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Random photos from our vacation are likely to show up here and there as the mood hits!
Dig in!
The burger was just as Sunset recommended, the Local Boy, complete with a marionberry shake. We placed our order and then had a 30 minute wait for...1 burger, 1 shake and 1 order of fries. We shared! Apparently they have a small kitchen and move at typical island pace, either that or they were out slaughtering the cow before grinding the meat to make a patty. who knows for sure. I will tell you though that it was worth the wait.
Super Yum.
See I told you...super yummy.
All around the burger joint are many many chickens and feral cats. Actually, all of Kauai is over run by poultry. Word has it that a hurricane in '92 set roosters free and since then have roamed the island, doing as they please.
They truly are everywhere...every waterfall, beach and parking lot.
If you are ever on Kauai, swing by Duane's in Anahola but be sure to bring a book or a deck of cards for your wait. Dig in!
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