Monday is laundry day.

Monday is laundry day...who am I kidding...everyday, except Sunday (unless there is an accident) is laundry day. Every day. I could never be so structured as to have set days of the week for set chores. Apparently some people do. I doubt those people need to line dry their laundry. Airing their dirty laundry so to speak...clean laundry that is. I am currently line drying the whole mess of clothes, bedding etc because my dryer(Grandma Gill's old dryer, of which we are grateful) makes a high pitch squeal. The noise is so loud and annoying that we can hardly bear to be in the house when the dryer is on. The flip side is that I love the air dried clothes..the way they smell and the crispness...a glimpse of the simpler, quieter life I crave. However unless it is a warm, windy day the laundry task can take all day. Maybe a Laundromat is the ticket, nah my kids would drive me crazy and insist on touching every dirty nasty thing they could touch.

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These are my seedlings...patiently waiting to be planted. Look at the poor sunflowers reaching for the sky. Be patient my wee ones, I may get a free moment later in the week...Thursday perhaps.


  1. Would you believe one of the covenants of the town where we live says you can't hang laundry outside!?


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