Miss Muffett

So, little Miss Muffett sat on her tuffett eating her curds and whey but this little Miss Muffett did not sit on anything and she made her curds and whey. I made my 3rd batch of yogurt today, it'll be ready to eat at breakfast tomorrow...except tomorrow is a home day so that means we eat steel cut oatmeal (complete with berries and brown sugar) for breakfast. I love Thursdays. The kids and I stay in our pj's for as long as we please and we don't have any plans except to chill around home. I let the kids make a big mess and I don't even worry about cleaning up until the end of the day. I am curious...will Judah want "Superhero Thursday" again. Time will tell.
Today was an incredibly productive day...we got home around 2pm from Ed's and speech and the kids had "quiet time". I made yogurt, turkey meatloaf, oatmeal raisin cookies, started "no knead" bread, washed my new bedding ( I love new sheets!), visited with a friend while our kids played in the backyard, played "wig out" and "trouble" with the kids, painted the final coat on the upper cupboards and ended the day by conquering the espresso machine...making a great latte.
I enjoyed the low fat latte (who needs Starbucks!), while watching the final episode of "Gilmore Girls". For those of you who are Gilmore devotees, you know that last night was the series final...but those of you who are NBA devotees also know that last night was a big game for the Warriors (they lost & are out ). Warriors...Gilmore Girls...Warriors...Gilmore Girls. After a quick call I wrangled Denise into Tivoing G.Girls (thanks!) and let my beloved watch his beloved. What is a wife to do! I have watched G.Girls for the entire time it has aired...which happens to be as long as I have been married. I love Gilmore Girls. So long fair well. Adieu Stars Hollow. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilmore_Girls


  1. Boohoo... So Gilmore Girls managed to hook most of two generations of Batemans/Linds. Even my husband sometimes would laugh at their jokes. And Amy will argue with me, but I still say Jess was the best boyfriend!

  2. I just noticed you listed "iritis" in your Stuff I Know About section. Apparently I'm not the only Bateman of our generation with some firsthand knowledge(?)

  3. So the question is what will fill the G.Girls spot in the Wednesday night line up? And question two were you satified with the ending? I missed it but I'm sure you can fill me in.

  4. What a SAD, SAD day was Tuesday at 8:00. That is when Gilmore Girls ended for good. Tragedy. As Becky said, it has become a family addiction--she and I own all 7 seasons between us! We'll miss the witty banter. Glad to hear that you share such good taste!
    -Cousin Amy


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